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1962 Fender Jaguar Pre-CBS Vintage Electric Guitar Sunburst One-Owner w/ Case, Hangtag


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Up for sale, a 1962 Fender Jaguar in 100% original condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original hardshell case and hangtag. A one-owner example (complete with a signed letter from the owner), this Jaguar was received as a Christmas present in December, 1962, purchased from Johnny Howard's Music Store in downtown Saginaw, Michigan.

This rare, Pre-CBS example from the first year of production features a Brazilian rosewood fretboard, flat pole piece black bobbin pickups, a nitrate tortoise pickguard, and clay dot inlay on the fingerboard. With a particularly vibrant and saturated three-tone Sunburst finish, this guitar embodies golden era Fender quality, and will satisfy serious players and discerning collectors alike.

There's an unmistakable acoustic resonance and clarity with this Jaguar, and the warmth and string to string balance of the acoustic signal translates well through the pickups. The top of the line Fender model when introduced in '62, the Jaguar has a particularly wide range of tones available to the player, while living up to its reputation of being able to out-twang a Tele and deliver sparkling, glassy cleans like no other Fender can. This is also one of the warmest sounding Jaguars we've ever encountered, with a distinct breadth to the tone and heft in the bass register.

The earliest incarnation of the Jaguar (from 1962-mid '63) had the flat pole piece pickups seen here, generally with a slightly hotter wind than the later staggered pickups, and this pair delivers a sound that is much bigger than you expect from a Jag. Of course, the Jaguar offers tonal options to both thicken up the sound and alternately make it even more sinewy and thin. The "strangle" toggle (located on the hexagonal plate next to the individual pickup on/off switches) gives the guitar a treble heavy snap, while the Rhythm Circuit (located on the guitar's lower horn) is a separate circuit for the neck pickup, engaging a darker tone cap. The Rhythm Circuit provides one of the best sounds on this guitar, with a thicker, wooly tone that still has plenty of clarity, while adding warmth to your clean signal as well as giving an overdriven tube amp or your favorite fuzz pedal that little bit of extra low end push to make single note lines stand out. This Jag weighs 8lbs 6oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 11-49 roundwound strings, solid intonation, and low action.

The maple neck has a slender C-shaped profile carve at the nut with nicely rounded shoulders and lightly rolled fretboard edges in every register, gaining notable roundness and heft as you travel up the fretboard, measuring .815" deep at the 1st fret and .970" at the 12th. The jet black Brazilian rosewood fretboard is a tight-grained cut of this hallowed tonewood, and the original slender frets are in remarkable shape, currently showing only light, uniform wear beneath the strings on the crowns of frets 1-5, extending more faintly exclusively beneath the plain strings until fret 8. The neck has the Jaguar's signature 24" scale, with a 7 1/4" fretboard radius, and traditional Fender "B" nut width which equates to 1 5/8" (actually measuring a hair wider at 1.650"). The original Kluson Deluxe single line tuning machines are intact on the headstock, and these tuners turn smoothly and hold pitch as they should with clean plating on the gear housings and buttons. The "Fender Jaguar" waterslide decal is in excellent condition, with plenty of gold flake still present in the Fender name. On the heel of the neck, the original factory date stamp from November of 1962 is intact. The fully finished neck pocket is also one of the last to show this feature before Fender changed their finishing processes with the "paint stick" method that would be used across the board by the following year.

All of the electronics function flawlessly with zero static, and the pair of original black bobbin Jaguar pickups compliment each other well. Both pickups retain their original windings and solder joints are untouched on the harness, with Stackpole pots that date to the 45th week of 1962. The routes on the body are original, with stock shielding plates on both the body cavities and the underside of the pickguard. The 12/62 grease pencil date in the vibrato cavity route rounds out the applicable date codes.

The original hardware on the body is completely intact and in fantastic shape, with gleaming chrome plating on the stock bridge base, mute, vibrato unit, control plates, and neck plate. The foam on the mute is original, and the mute still pivots up as it should (new foam will be needed for the mute to properly dampen the strings). The vibrato unit engages very smoothly and responds to the lightest touch, giving the player the ability to do subtle trills, surfy bends, and deeper dives with ease. The vibrato retains its original spring and arm, which locks in securely. The tortoise nitrate pickguard provides the perfect contrast to the Sunburst finish, and this pickguard alone is extremely valuable and clean, with the deep glossy reds and yellow swirls seen on the earliest examples of this material.

The three-tone Sunburst nitro lacquer gloss finish is 100% original with no touchup or overspray, with forearm wear through the Sunburst on the bass-side lower bout body edge, heavy buckle rash on the back, and additional edge wear. There is natural palm wear through the gloss on the majority of the profile, with the ambered nitro lacquer intact on the headstock and heel.

The original brown tolex hardshell case with brown leather ends is included. All three working latches are intact, along with a clean brown leather handle, and orange interior. The original hangtag is also included.

***We are dealers for the Mastery M1 bridge which can be installed/included prior to shipment for an additional charge***