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1962 Fender Jaguar Pre-CBS Slab Board Vintage Electric Guitar Lake Placid Blue w/ Case


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Up for sale, a 1962 Fender Jaguar featuring a Lake Placid Blue custom color finish and slab Brazilian rosewood fretboard. A very unique example of a Jaguar from the first few months of production, this instrument was returned to the Fender factory likely on two occasions given both the blonde case and matched pair of black bobbin staggered pole pickups circa early 1964, and the unique Fender factory refinish in Lake Placid Blue, complete with matching peghead and a factory replacement white pickguard circa 1968.

The neck heel and body beneath the pickguard have the telltale signs of Fender factory finish work, and this Lake Placid Blue gloss has greened considerably over the decades, currently approximating a shade between Ocean Turquoise and Sherwood Green.

Extremely resonant and lively acoustically, the staggered pole piece black bobbin pickups are sparkling and clear with plenty of percussive cut and taut low end. Of course, the Jaguar offers tonal options to both thicken up the sound and alternately make it even more sinewy and thin. The "strangle" toggle (located on the hexagonal plate next to the individual pickup on/off switches) gives the guitar a treble heavy snap, while the Rhythm Circuit (located on the guitar's lower horn) is a separate circuit for the neck pickup, engaging a darker tone cap. The Rhythm Circuit provides one of the best sounds on this guitar, with a rich, wooly tone that still has plenty of clarity. This setting adds warmth to your clean signal as well as giving an overdriven tube amp or your favorite fuzz pedal that little bit of extra low end push to make single note lines stand out. This Jaguar weighs 8lbs 4oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar with 11-50 roundwound strings, solid intonation, and low action.

The maple neck has a very slender C-shaped profile carve at the nut, gaining quite a bit of roundness and heft with more shoulder as you travel up the fretboard, measuring .745" deep at the 1st fret and .950" at the 12th. The extremely dark, tight-grained Brazilian rosewood fretboard retains its 7 1/4" radius, refretted with vintage-spec slender fretwire, playing cleanly up the 24" scale. While the neck heel has a "B" stamp which equates to a nut width of 1 5/8", the actual width is fractionally just shy of that. The headstock is fitted with a very clean vintage set of Kluson Deluxe double line tuning machines that turn very smoothly and hold pitch well. The headstock face has two small cleanly filled and touched up extra string tree holes, and the finish has aged to a deep shade of green. The black, gold trimmed Fender logo was first used in the late '60s and one of the most significant factors narrowing the year that the factory Lake Placid finish was applied. The neck heel is dated June, 1962, with numerous factory stamps on the back of the heel including one that reads "LPB" denoting the finish.

All of the electronics function as they should, and the pair of black bobbin Jaguar pickups compliment each other well with matching yellow ink stamps on the baseplates dating to March 18th, 1964. Both pickups retain their original windings, and the Lead Circuit has been fitted with a pair of vintage CTS 1Meg pots which date to the 44th week of '67. The routes on the body are original, with stock shielding plates on both the body cavities and the underside of the pickguard. Beneath the pickguard is a four digit number pressed into the body with the tip of a soldering iron. This numbering (and the way the number was added to the body) is consistent with how Fender would keep track of instruments that were refinished at the factory in this era.

Original hardware includes the control plates, bridge flip-up mute assembly (fitted with a fresh piece of foam), and the vibrato unit. The vibrato engages very smoothly and responds to the lightest touch, giving the player the ability to do subtle trills, surfy bends, and deeper dives with ease. The neck plate has an early L-prefix serial, matching very closely with the dating of the pickups and era of production of the included blonde tolex case.

The Lake Placid Blue gloss finish is a thin coat of poly without a basecoat, consistent with Fender's switch to this material in '68 and also the thickness with which it was applied. The finish is greened to a lesser extent on the body perimeter and where the forearm crosses the top, revealing a truer shade of Lake Placid Blue. There is notable buckle rash central to the back, with various finish chips and marks largely on the body perimeter and extending to the bass-side lower bout on top. The neck profile retains its smooth gloss, with a couple minor marks and subtle flame maple figuring along the bass side of the carve.

A vintage blonde tolex hardshell case is included. The case features the original latches and handle with an orange interior.

***We are dealers for the Mastery M1 bridge which can be installed/included prior to shipment for an additional charge***