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1962 Fender Deluxe 6G3 Brown Panel Vintage Pre-CBS Tube Guitar Amp 1x12 w/ Oxford 12K5


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Up for sale, a 1962 Fender Deluxe tube amplifier in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Manufactured in the brief Brown Panel Pre-CBS era, this amp has a very original 6G3 circuit, only serviced as needed for optimal performance. Providing a perfect middle ground between the warmth and dynamic range of the Tweed amps that preceded it and the clarity and chime of the Black Panel amps that would be introduced a couple years later, this Deluxe offers everything from rich and mellow tonalities to twangy and crystalline bite at the turn of a knob. The bias-based tremolo circuit is deep and throbbing, with a very smooth waveform and a tone that has an almost three-dimensional quality. It's truly one of the best examples of this classic Fender effect.

The circuit features the original Schumacher output transformer which dates to the 21st week of 1961, and the power transformer is a vintage replacement with the correct size, appearance, and wattage handling. The preamp retains all of the original blue molded Ajax caps central to the sweet, musical response of the 6G3 circuit, with a modern Sprague bias capacitor ensuring the voltages seen by the power tubes are properly regulated. All of the original Stackpole pots are intact too, and the power supply has been professionally recapped with high quality Sprague Atoms. The tube complement includes all modern valves with a matched pair of Fender-branded 6V6s, a TAD GZ34 rectifier, and preamp tubes from the likes of JJ and Tung Sol.

The stock Oxford 12K5 speaker is intact with a clean frame and date code from the 4th week of 1962, with the rare brown magnet cover and Fender Special Design sticker. The speaker has also been recently reconed. Inside the cab, the original tube chart is intact with an "LA" date stamp which translates to January of '62. Cosmetically, this amp is notably well-kept, with original rough brown tolex and wheat grillcloth. The original chassis straps and sphinx glides (feet) are intact, while the handle is a modern leather replacement. The faceplate is extremely well-kept, retaining its full complement of brown barrel knobs.

A modern Victoria Luggage-style cover and one-button footswitch to engage the vibrato is included.