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1961 Fender Super Vintage Tube Amp Pre-CBS Brown Panel 2x10 Oxford 10K5, 6G4-A


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Up for sale, a 1961 Fender Super in excellent condition and in perfect working order. This Brown Panel Pre-CBS tube amp was produced early in '61 with a thoroughly serviced circuit, a pair of vintage Oxford 10K5 speakers, and a tube set chock full of vintage valves.

An incredibly touch-sensitive and dynamic-sounding amp with surprising headroom, the Super has the 6G4-A circuit and boasts hi-fi clarity and sparkling, robust clean tones. Turning the amp up past 5 on the volume dial yields thick, chewy overdrive, and the EQ controls have an incredibly wide sweep. Of course this is the most compact Brown Panel-era amp to feature the "Harmonic Vibrato" circuit as well. A true pitch shifting vibrato (not the tremolo found on most Fender amps), the Harmonic Vibrato sound has a thick, Leslie-esque throb and warble, with a three-dimensional quality and depth that is perfectly suited to the speaker complement and cabinet size. Whether you want a slow, undulating swampy sound or faster, pulsating vibrato, this Super delivers the goods.

The circuit has been thoroughly serviced in the past, just given a clean bill of health by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar. Transformers include the original Triad-made power transformer and Schumacher-made choke which dates to the 7th week of '61. The output transformer is a vintage replacement, actually dating earlier than the amp, with the correct specifications, open-bell design, and black bracket as the original, manufactured by Schumacher and dating to 1957. The preamp features a host of modern Sprague Orange Drop capacitors, along with some smaller poly film mylar caps and low noise metal film resistors, ensuring optimal performance and a low noise floor. The majority of the original pots are intact in the preamp as well. All of the electrolytic caps have been upgraded to modern components, including high quality Sprague and F&T caps in the power supply. A modern three-prong power cable has also been installed. The tubes consist of a matched pair of vintage General Electric 6L6 power tubes, along with a vintage 5AR4 rectifier and a host of mostly vintage preamp tubes as well.

The amp is loaded with an era-correct pair of Oxford 10K5 ceramic magnet speakers with rare brown metal Fender bell covers. The speakers have both been professionally reconed and have clean frames, with date stamps from the 44th week of '61. The tube chart is fully intact inside the cabinet and extremely clean with sharp corners, noting the 6G4-A circuit (the "A" is handwritten, given the early nature of this circuit variant). The KD stamp on the tube chart dates to April of '61.

The original rough brown tolex is intact and the original baffle board has been professionally regrilled with oxblood grillcloth with gold stripe. As the photos show, the tolex and grill are particularly clean save for some light staining and cleanly doweled caster holes on the bottom of the enclosure. All hardware is stock and accounted for including the rare brown plastic "dogbone" handle (partially split, yet intact), corners, sphinx glides (feet), and flat "Fender" logo on the amp's face.

A modern footswitch to engage the Vibrato is included.