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1961 Epiphone Deluxe EA-10RV Vintage 1x15 Tube Amp w/ Reverb & Jensen P15P, Gibson-Made


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Up for sale, a 1961 Epiphone EA-10RV Deluxe 1x15 tube combo amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original RCA-made and Gibson-branded 6L6 power tube pair. This exceedingly rare Gibson-made and Epiphone-branded amp is the earliest production reverb-equipped guitar amplifier ever released; beating both Fender and Ampeg to the punch by a couple of years.  With only 76 units shipping to consumers in total between 1959-61, these Kalamazoo-built amplifiers are considered the pinnacle of early Epiphone amp production.

The EA-10RV Deluxe pushes 25 all tube watts via the cathode-biased original Gibson-branded 6L6 power tube pair, and features a two channel (Normal and Reverb), four-input design with independent Volume controls for each channel. Like a Tweed-era Fender, the channels can be jumpered for added gain and versatility, and as the Reverb is dedicated solely to the second channel, jumpering the inputs allows for a blending of the effect with the dry Normal channel signal. There's a warmth and thickness to the overarching sound, bright and clean at lower volumes and cascading into rich, satisfying overdrive on either channel when pushing the Volume knobs beyond the mid-point on their sweep. A global Bass/Treble EQ governs both channels, and rolling off the bass produces a bright, surfy shimmer. The tube-driven reverb via the original Gibbs two-spring tank ranges from cavernous and washed-out to subtle and smooth.

The circuit is extremely original, and freshly serviced only as needed to ensure optimal functionality. The output transformer is marked "Gibson GA-70" on the open bell (correct for this model), and the original power transformer and choke have 166 source codes, manufactured by Magnetic Components Inc and both dating to '61. All original pots are intact, with a number of new capacitors in the preamp and power amp. A three-prong power cable has also been installed. The tube complement includes the original RCA-made 6L6 power tubes, with a combination of vintage and modern valves in the preamp and a modern 5AR4 rectifier.

The original Jensen P15P alnico magnet 15" driver dates to the 35th week of 1959, boasting a clean frame and original blue/silver Jensen foil label on the bell cover. The Gibbs reverb tank has a date stamp from the 41st week of '61. The original schematic is mostly intact inside the cabinet too.

The original dark gray tolex and wheat grillcloth are original, with only light wear on the enclosure and grill frame edges. The original luggage-style handle tops off the cabinet, and the upper back panel is a similarly tolexed replacement. The chrome-plated chassis shows only modest patina, retaining the majority of the silkscreened graphics. All but one of the original knobs is intact, with one era-correct Epiphone knob replacement.