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1960s Watkins Dominator Mk II Vintage 1x12 Tube Amp EL-84 w/ Goodman 12" Speaker, UK-Made WEM


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Up for sale, a 1960s Watkins Dominator Mk II vintage UK-made 1x12 tube amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Available circa 1966-69, the Mk II Dominator iterates on the previous V-front cabinet, instead packaging the amp in a rectangular enclosure with a 12" Goodman driver (a speaker brand often used in early Hiwatts and paired with some Vox circuits as well).

Unlike the solid-state rectified (and very similar) Mk III famously associated with Noel Gallagher's Oasis sound, the Mk II is tube rectified with an EZ81. And with a pair of vintage EL-84 power tubes, the form factor and tonal profile of the Dominator Mk II is very much in-line with a Vox AC15. A little firebreather, this Dominator easily cascades into sizzling roar at club and studio-friendly volumes. The Microphone channel has a hair more headroom, and smooth, detailed cleans are achievable, but the real magic is in the amp’s distortion capabilities, which are ample. The Tone controls have a wide sweep, emphasizing either woody chug or treble bite, and this Dominator does as its name suggests, punching way above its weight for gained-up British crunch. The tremolo effect is exclusive to Channel 2 (engaged with a footswitch, not included), and has a strong, three-dimensional pulse, not too swampy nor overly chattery, but with a great gradient of usable speeds.

The circuit is extremely original and recently serviced to ensure optimal functionality. The original transformer pair is present, with all original pots and Cliff input jacks. The circuit has an external voltage selector, and while a vintage UK-made amp, it has been fitted with a modern USA three-prong power cable.

The cabinet retains its original lightly textured black material, with silver sparkle grillcloth framed by piping and the original Watkins "WEM" logo. Designed to be oriented horizontally, the amp has a handle on one side and original feet on the other. A few small screws are missing from the back panel, yet purely cosmetic, and wear is limited to some minor scuffing on the enclosure consistent with careful use.