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1960s Vox Royal Guardsman V1132 Vintage Solid State Amp Head, Thomas Organ USA-Made


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Up for sale, a 1960s Vox Royal Guardsman V1132 vintage solid state amplifier head in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar, this vintage amp head was produced by Vox's USA distributor in the '60s, Thomas Organ.

A replacement for the AC50 in Vox's lineup, the Royal Guardsman V1132 was rated at 60 watts, with three distinct channels (Normal, Brilliant, and Bass). The amp boasts built-in Reverb, Tremolo and Midrange Boost functionality. These heads do have a very cool clean sound and overdriven grit, with a chime and percussive tone that sounds decidedly vintage, yet within the realm of the solid state circuits that Thomas Organ was pioneering in the USA.

The Tremolo is exclusive to the Normal channel, while the Reverb effect can be assigned to either the Normal or Brilliant channel and has its own dedicated Blend knob. A rotary tone control labeled "MRB" (Mid Resonant Boost) boosts specific frequencies for the Brilliant channel at either 450, 600, or 750 hz. The Normal channel includes a Top Boost rocker switch, while the Bass channel features a sweepable frequency tone control called "Tone-X." The amp connects to a speaker cabinet via a three-pin XLR connector, and the necessary cabling can be purchased via North Coast Music.

The trapezoidal cabinet retains its original black tolex and diamond lattice grillcloth, with raised Vox logo, one-pin corners, and stock handle. All of the original chrome-plated metal knurled knobs are intact, and the faceplate is notably well-kept. The Vox model badge is missing from the back panel.