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1960s Teisco Teischord CS Vintage Combo Organ Keyboard, Fully Serviced, Japan


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Up for sale, a 1960's Teisco "Teischord" combo organ in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, freshly serviced by our techs here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar. Often overlooked in the pantheon of transistorized combo organs, this Teischord is the CS model, a non-catalog iteration and among the most feature-rich and aesthetically alluring of all the Teisco organs. With a two-tone exterior made of material more akin to what you'd find covering luggage than conventional tolex, this Teischord has a black lid and bottom with a central third of striped gray, all framed by aluminum trim. The organ is even complete with its original bright chrome-plated Volume pedal and music stand.

The Teischord GS offers a broad range of traditional combo organ voicings, from the sparkling, carousel-like Violin and Piccolo 4’ tabs to the more barking, reedy red-colored 8’ tabs, to the bass-heavy, thick blue-colored tabs. There are two dedicated Bass tabs (8’ and 16’), and two Vibrato tabs, and the vibrato also functions in the bass octave. Large machined aluminum knobs govern individually adjustable Volumes for the Bass and Solo sections (Solo comprising the top three octaves). The Bass/Solo two-way rotary switch either dedicates the lowest octave to bass tones or extends the range of the organ seamlessly to four octaves. The Vibrato speed control adjusts from fast to faster, and the warbles are always pulsating at a good clip, with an On/Off tab for the effect and a "Vibrato Full" tab that adjusts intensity.

The aluminum faceplate is in excellent shape with all original knobs and clean silkscreened text, and the controls are very intuitively organized for ease of use. The keys all respond evenly with viable bushings and only lightly aged key caps. The exterior of the organ is remarkably well-kept with wear limited to a few requisite scuffs and some light patina on the handle caps and corners. The Volume pedal and two-prong power cable store securely inside a trap door on the bottom of the organ, and a small on/off switch engages the Volume pedal as needed so that the organ can also be used without it.