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1960s Framus 6/12 Doubleneck Vintage Guitar Sunburst, German-Made


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Up for sale, a 1960s Framus 6/12 double neck in excellent, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. “Built in the heart of Bavaria,” this Framus is an exceptionally rare and unique example of West-German craftsmanship. Featuring the original quartet of single coil pickups, multi-ply laminate necks, maple body and slab rosewood fretboards, this Framus has a chiming, resonant natural acoustic response with great midrange warmth faithfully captured by the stock single coil pickups. These pickups are notably full and round-sounding, delivering plenty of top-end sparkle and shimmer with ample lower-mid oomph and harmonic complexity. This Framus weighs 10lbs 8oz, professionally setup here at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar with fresh strings, low action, and accurate intonation.

The necks are composed of multiple thin plies of maple, running vertically the length of the neck (a technique used extensively by Framus in this era); both necks have substantial soft V-shaped profile carves with lightly rolled fretboard edges, measuring .890” deep at the 1st fret and .945” at the 12th. On the slab rosewood fretboard, the medium fretwire benefits from a level and crown, exhibiting no wear, and this guitar plays cleanly in every register with straight necks and responsive, optimally-adjusted truss rods. The scale length measures 24 3/4“. Both necks have zero frets just forward of their aluminum nuts; on the six-string neck, the fretboard measures 1 9/16” in width at the zero fret, and on the twelve-string, the fretboard measures 1 3/4“ in width. This guitar has asymmetrical headstocks, and the graphics have been retained on the 12 string neck. The original open-gear strip tuners function well with white pearloid buttons.

The wiring harness is untouched, with original Italian-made potentiometers. Each neck has an independent output jack, with independent controls for each that consist of a pair of pickup off/on switches, independent Volume knobs for each pickup, and Master Tone knobs. Additionally, the six-string neck has a two-way Tone switch that can toggle between a touch more darkness and lower midrange heft or crisper, thinner treble-centric sounds. All of the original hardware is intact and clean, including the “Framus”-embossed tailpiece covers, “V” and “T” aluminum knobs, and bridges with roller saddles. The large four-ply tortoise pickguard extends across the entirety of the top, with a particularly dynamic and vibrant tortoise pattern.

The gloss three-tone Sunburst finish is bright and bold on the back, exhibiting prominent horizontal finish checking. Cosmetic wear is limited to some dings and finish scratches on the body as a whole, largely clustered on the body perimeter, with some additional finish chips in the maple on the lower bout.

A gigbag is included.