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1960s Ace Tone Top-7 Vintage Combo Organ Keyboard 49 Key, Japan Roland


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Up for sale, a 1960's Ace Tone Top-7 vintage combo organ in excellent condition and in good working order. One of Japan's more desirable and effective vintage combo model offerings produced by the company which was the predecessor to Roland, Ace Tone's Top-7 is notably compact and lightweight.

Featuring 49 keys from F to F, the organ offers a single bank of tone switches central to the face, with eleven distinct-sounding switches that toggle between the reedy, buzzy, and bubbly tones one expects from a good transistorized organ. The last switch engages the Vibrato, and a trio of aluminum knobs govern the Volume as well as Vibrato Speed and Depth. The vibrato in particular is one of the best iterations of this effect found on a combo organ, with much greater nuance than the typical slow/fast switch most common with this effect. Worth noting, by design the first "Flute" and "String" functions only work from the second C and up.

All tone switches engage as intended, and the organ is in tune. The original two-prong power cable is intact beneath the metal trap door on the bottom of the organ, and legs (not included) can be stored in the metal clamps on the inside of the organ lid.

Cosmetically, the cream tolex shows some minor scuffing and discoloration while still presenting very well. The top is quite clean (complete with flip-up music stand), the key caps are lightly aged, and all of the original foil stickers are intact on the tone switches, in addition to the large “Ace Tone” badge on the back of the black molded plastic lid.