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1960 Fender Vibrasonic Brown Panel Vintage Tube Amp 1x15 JBL D130, Low Serial w/ Cover & Ftsw, Showman


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Up for sale, a 1960 Fender Vibrasonic in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original footswitch and a modern Victoria Luggage-style cover. One of the very first Vibrasonics produced, and featuring an extremely low two-digit serial number, this amp was the flagship combo of Fender's Pre-CBS "Brown Panel" era, delivering 40 powerful, articulate all-tube watts through a single JBL D130 speaker. Along with the Showman, the Vibrasonic was the first Fender to be paired with the hi-fi tones of a JBL, and the Vibrasonic shares an identical chassis with the Showman too (albeit with two 6L6s instead of four).

The Vibrasonic features Fender's unique "Harmonic Vibrato" circuit, and this complex design was Fender's only true pitch shifting vibrato offered in an amp. Swampy, thick, and very Leslie-esque, it's a three dimensional, full-bodied tone unlike any other Fender vibrato. The perfect middle ground between the dynamic, saturated tones of the earlier Tweed era amps and the clarity and shimmering cleans of the later Black Panel line, this Vibrasonic has a very warm and nuanced sound, with absolutely giant transformers that keep the low end thick and focused. The 6G13 circuit offers EQ controls that have a very wide sweep for everything from classic hollow twang to warm, sweet sounds that will delight any Jazz player. Given the JBL D130 speaker, there's plenty of clean headroom on tap, yet above 5 on the Volume dial the amp cascades into raucous, touch-sensitive overdrive. Well suited for guitar, electric piano or a Bass VI, the Vibrasonic is an extremely versatile platform.

The circuit retains all of the original Schumacher and Triad-made transformers, and the choke dates to the 31st week of '60. The preamp retains all of the original yellow molded Astron capacitors which are extremely musical sounding and a crucial part of the magic in Fender's Pre-CBS preamps. The original CTS pots are all intact, with visible date codes from the 26th week of '60. Both the smaller electrolytics in the preamp and the larger Astron power supply capacitors have been replaced with modern Spragues, all cleanly sleeved in the original brown tubes, with the new leads threaded through the original capacitor end caps for a flawless vintage appearance. A new bias pot has also been installed, as well as a three-prong power cable. The tube complement includes all vintage valves, with a pair of Phillips 6L6 power tubes and preamp tubes from the likes of General Electric and Phillips.

Inside the cabinet, the "JI" stamp on the tube chart translates to September of 1960. The speaker is the original JBL D130 with a near mint frame, professionally reconed with the best parts available to 8 ohms. The original speaker harness is intact with cloth wire and a plain metal cap on the 1/4" jack.

Cosmetically, this Vibrasonic is an incredibly clean example with the original light pinkish brown tolex, dark oxblood grillcloth, and near-mint faceplate with all of the brown barrel knobs present. The original flat Fender logo and nickel corners are intact, while the molded plastic "dogbone" handle is a modern replacement

The original one-button footswitch to engage the Harmonic Vibrato is included, along with a modern slip cover.