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1959 Vega Director A-60 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp w/ Tremolo, Vintage Tube Set


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Up for sale, a 1959 Vega Director Model A-60 1x12 tube guitar combo amplifier in perfect working order, complete with a factory-installed Tremolo module and a vintage tube set. Initially a guitar and mandolin maker, Vega became one of the biggest names in banjos in the early 20th century before expanding briefly into the burgeoning world of electric guitar amplification.

Clearly taking some cues from the tweed amps of its era (specifically Fender's 5E3 Deluxe), this Vega has a punchy, warm tone that’s a great balance of spongy lower midrange breadth and sweet, singing trebles. It also breaks up quite quickly, yielding a creamy, thick sound. This particular A-60 also has a factory-installed Tremolo module mounted inside the cabinet, which has great depth, offering everything from light shimmer to thick throb. The Tremolo features Modulation and Speed controls with a jack for a footswitch (not included). The Tremolo has its own dedicated RCA 6SJ7 tube.

The point-to-point circuit has been professionally recapped and features modern Alpha pots, new tubular caps, and metal film resistors as needed. The power transformer is original, and the output transformer is a possible substitution (yet with a date code that would be consistent with 1959 production). The tubes are all vintage valves, with a pair of Motorola-branded 6V6 power tubes, an RCA 5Y3 rectifier, and RCA preamp tubes.

The cabinet is loaded with a modern Weber 12A125A alnico magnet speaker, a replica of a Jensen P12R, delivering quintessential tweed smoothness, bell-like at lower volumes with plenty of fullness and fat when cranked up.

Cosmetics include two-tone covering on the TV-style cab, a grillcloth pattern unique to Vega, raised Vega badge, and Art Deco-style graphics on the gold hammerite control panel. This amp features a significant number of cigarette burns on top, with additional wear on the enclosure edges and a few bald corners.  The handle is missing, and the original trio of chicken head knobs are intact on the faceplate, which also has an ID number of a previous owner etched next to the Vega logo.