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1958 Wurlitzer 120 Vintage Electric Piano Tube-Driven & Serviced w/ Pedal


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Up for sale, a 1958 Wurlitzer model 120 in excellent condition and in good working order, complete with the original sustain pedal. The 120 is a notable step up from its predecessor, the 112, with revised mechanical action that's much more tech-friendly. With a serviced tube amp and original 6x9 oval speaker, this Wurlitzer has been tuned, voiced and serviced to ensure smooth, consistent action.

The point-to-point wired tube amp has a particularly lush and dynamic sound (differing from the solid state amps used in other 140 and 200 series pianos). For a warmth, grit, and bell-like tone similar to the 200 series but with more character and tube-driven drive, the 120 is an excellent choice for studio work. And yes, a Wurlitzer 120 model is the piano used by Ray Charles for his 1959 hit “What’d I Say," a benchmark of early electric piano tone.

The amp is driven by a pair of matched vintage Sylvania 6V6 power tubes with a GE 5Y3 rectifier and modern Sovtek-branded 12AX7 preamp tube. The point-to-point circuit has been serviced as needed and fully recapped to ensure a low noise floor and optimal functionality, retaining the original transformers made by Better Coil & Transformer, both of which date to 1958. The power cable receptacle has been upgraded to a modern three-prong IEC, and the piano has a 1/4" Speaker Out jack. Controls include a cream rotary on/off knob on the cheek block, and the original alnico magnet 6x9 oval speaker is functioning as it should, dating to 1957.

The keys are level, the action has been regulated, and the original hammer tips are in good shape. The piano benefits from all new damper felts. The action is smooth and consistent in all registers, with original caps and keys that are responsive to a light touch.

The piano features the original Zolatone speckled beige finish, and the folded metal harp cover is complete with the original Wurlitzer logo. The piano does not retain its music stand or latching cover. The base of the original folding sustain pedal is carved mahogany with a brass pedal, and the sustain pedal's cable and receptacle have been modified to the more universally seen 200/200A style. The legs are modern, furnished by Vintage Vibe.

A note on shipping: Shipping in the continental USA will be via FedEx Ground and will cost $300. We use double thick boxes, 1" foam, and industrial 1/2" bubble wrap to assure that your electric piano arrives safely (legs and pedal shipped separately). Due to the vintage and mechanically complex nature of this item, buyer acknowledges that the piano will need adjustments to the action upon receipt. The 120 model is best used in a stationary studio environment, and a working knowledge of these pianos (or a local tech) is important to this Wurlitzer model's consistent playability. We have safely packed many vintage analog keyboards and fully insure our shipments against loss or damage. We're here to help our customers get to know their vintage keyboards and we really care!