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1958 Fender Harvard Narrow Panel Tweed 5F10 Vintage Tube Amp Pre-CBS, Jensen P10R


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Up for sale, a 1958 Fender Harvard in excellent condition and in perfect working order with a virtually untouched circuit and the original Jensen P10R speaker. The Harvard is a unique model, sitting just below the Deluxe in terms of output with two 6V6 power tubes pushing 10 glorious all-tube watts through a 10" speaker. The Harvard also has the distinction of being the only Tweed era Fender model name to not make the transition to subsequent Brown and Black Panel amp series.

Offering a similar tone stack to the Tweed-era 5E3 Deluxe, yet with a single-triode 6AT6 powering the initial gain stage and a class AB fixed bias design unique among Fender's Tweeds, the Harvard delivers on the promise of sweet tube saturation and the extremely dynamic, harmonic-rich tones which are a hallmark of the narrow panel tweed Fender amps. Outfitted with simple Volume and Tone controls, the amp has quite a bit of muscle, surprising headroom, and a bold bass register that belies its size, pushing into lightly compressed overdrive with plenty of sizzle and grit beyond 5 on the Volume dial. The cabinet size (noticeably bigger than the Champ and Princeton) adds a certain low end fullness to the tone as well, with great bloom to the notes and a richness that's particularly evident when played with a humbucker-equipped guitar.

The 5F10 circuit is untouched, and even the original Minimite filter caps are still viable. The circuit retains the yellow Astron caps central to the sweet, musical character of the Tweed-era preamps, and original Stackpole pots date to the 20th week of 1958. A three-prong power cable has also been installed for safety's sake. The faceplate has plenty of shine, with some pitting of the chrome, yet with the majority of the original white silkscreened lettering intact.

The original Jensen P10R speaker has a very clean teal frame, stock foil label on the alnico magnet, and date code on the edge of the frame from the 17th week of '58. The speaker has also been freshly reconed. The tube chart is largely intact as well, noting the 5F10 circuit.

The original lacquered tweed is intact and lightly ambered. A well-kept example, this amp shows some modest scuffing and edge wear consistent with age. There are two small wooden dowels on the left side of the cabinet and one small patch of new tweed. The leather handle is original yet broken on one end, and the original Fender Harvard badge is intact.

The Harvard is commonly referenced as the "Steve Cropper amp," having been used extensively by that artist to capture the tones heard with Booker T and the MGs on tracks like Green Onions, and on other notable hits like Otis Redding's Dock of the Bay. Fender's 1x10 Harvard certainly does not disappoint and is the perfect stage and studio secret weapon.