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1957 Gibson Les Paul GA-40 Vintage Tube Amp 1x12 w/ Tremolo, Jensen P12Q


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Up for sale, a 1957 Gibson Les Paul GA-40 tweed tube amplifier in perfect working order. Direct competition for Fender's tweed amps, this Les Paul GA-40 was analogous to Fender's Tremolux, with a dual 6V6 driven circuit, four-input design, built-in tremolo, and open-back cabinet with a single 12" Jensen P12Q alnico magnet driver.

The Les Paul GA-40 has two distinct sounding channels, with the Tremolo effect exclusive to Channel 2. Channel 1 has notably more gain than Channel 2, with a sizzling bark and churn when dimed out. Channel 2 has ample clean headroom and a woody, chewy cut when you dig in. While the voicing of this amp is relatively dark overall, there’s a nice high-treble snap and punchy presence in the top end. The Tremolo has a deep pulse and smooth waveform, and the effect is very present without being too choppy, with everything from a swampy, slow undulation to quicker beating available at the twist of a knob.

The circuit is very original, and all original transformers are intact, dating between late 1956 and early '57, manufactured by Magnetic Components Inc. The amp has been recapped as needed to ensure optimal functionality and tone, and the preamp retains all of the original pots and carbon comp resistors. The tube complement is mostly vintage, with a matched pair of RCA 6V6 power tubes and a 5Y3 rectifier. The era-correct Jensen P12Q speaker has a deep blue/green frame, retaining the original foil label on the magnet bell. The stamp on the edge of the frame dates to '62.

The original two-tone cosmetics show wear on the enclosure edges, with one strip of missing material on the right side of the cabinet. All of the stock deep burgundy chicken head knobs are present, and virtually all of the original silkscreening is intact on the control plate. The leather handle is a modern replacement, and there are mounting holes on top for a different handle installed in the amp's lifetime.

A modern footswitch is included to engage the tremolo, hard-wired to the chassis in the original fashion with a heavy-duty 15ft cable.