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1957 Fender Deluxe Tweed Narrow Panel Vintage Tube Amp 5E3, 100% Original One-Owner w/ Jensen P12R


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Up for sale, a 1957 Fender Deluxe in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. This amp is a one-owner example and 100% original, with a pristine Jensen P12R speaker and a complete vintage tube set.

Few circuits are more desired and emulated than the narrow panel Tweed 5E3, and this amp delivers everything you'd expect from a collector-grade amp from the last iteration of the Tweed line. Incredibly dynamic and harmonically rich, the Deluxe can be glassy and clear at low volumes, but for most players the magic is in this amp's overdrive capabilities. Especially when connecting the two channels with a small jumper 1/4" cable, the interactive pair of Volume controls can dial in everything from fully saturated roar and snarl, to the particular sweet buzzy qualities with ideal midrange bite that you often times can't coax out of any other Tweed circuit. This amp reacts well to a host of effects pedals and different guitars, but truly shines with the guitar plugged straight into the amp, using your volume knob to coax clean rhythm tones and singing leads with the twist of a knob.

The circuit is 100% original, with the stock pair of Triad transformers at its heart. The original Stackpole pots have matching date codes from the 48th week of '56. The amp is loaded with a full complement of original yellow Astron caps in the preamp, and all of the electrolytic caps in the preamp and power amp are viable. The tube set includes RCA 6V6 power tubes, a General Electric 5Y3 rectifier, and valves in the preamp from Sylvania and GE.

The original Jensen P12R alnico magnet 12" driver has a pristine deep green frame, Jensen foil sticker and additional small orange inspection sticker on the bell cover. The date on the edge of the speaker frame is from the 47th week of 1956. The tube chart is practically pristine, with a "GC" date stamp which translates to March of '57.

The chrome on the chassis is absolutely gleaming, with all of the original white silkscreen text present, retaining the original chicken head knobs. In similar condition, the original tweed and oxblood grillcloth is extremely well-kept with very limited ambering of the lacquer on the tweed. There is a single light stain on the top of the enclosure, and a small area of minor scuffing on the back lower left corner. The leather handle is original and in great shape, secured with stock brackets. This Deluxe is a 100% original example that will satisfy collectors and serious players alike, recently given a clean bill of health and ready for your next gig or studio session.