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1957 Fender Champ Tweed Narrow Panel 5F1 Vintage Tube Amp, Class A


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Up for sale, a 1957 Fender Champ in excellent condition and in perfect working order with the coveted 5F1 circuit. Simple and elegant, this Champ is a rare transitional example, featuring the larger narrow panel enclosure and circuit of the 5F1 Champ, yet still retaining the 6" speaker of the 5E1 iteration. It doesn't get much more pure than the Champ, and this studio favorite delivers freakishly dynamic and glassy pure tube tone that can go from clean to fully saturated overdrive with a twist of the single knob.

The preamp retains the stock pair of yellow Astron capacitors, and the electrolytic caps have been replaced with modern, high-quality Spragues. Both original transformers are intact, as is the original Stackpole pot which dates to the 3rd week of 1957. The amp still retains a two-prong power cable. The chassis boasts a chrome-plated control panel with plenty of shine and only very light pitting, and virtually all of the original white silkscreen text is intact. The tube set includes a vintage RCA 5Y3 rectifier and 6V6 power tube, along with a MojoTone-branded 12AX7 in the preamp.

One of the very last Champs to feature a 6" speaker, the amp is loaded with a vintage alnico magnet Oaktron-branded speaker that handles the amp's tonal qualities quite well (the cabinet size can also accommodate an 8" speaker). The tube chart is fully intact, noting the 5F1 circuit and stamped with a "GE" code that translates to May of 1957.

The original lacquered tweed shows modest ambering and edge wear, and the original oxblood grillcloth is also present. The lower back panel is original, and the upper panel is a modern replacement, aged to match. The leather handle is a vintage-style replacement.