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1955 Fender Super Narrow Panel Tweed 5E4 Vintage Tube Amp 2x10 w/ Jensen P10Q, 6V6 Tubes


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Up for sale, a 1955 Fender Super 5E4 in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. Professionally retweeded and boasting a freshly serviced circuit with the original transformers, this Super is loaded with a vintage pair of Jensen P10Q alnico magnet speakers.

One of the very first "narrow panel" Tweed-era Super amps produced with a low S002XX serial, this Tweed Super with its 5E4 circuit is one of the few offered with 6V6 power tubes (instead of higher powered 6L6s). This Super offers the same harmonically-rich, dynamic tones of the larger narrow panel Tweed-era amps in a more studio-friendly and portable enclosure. The 6V6s allow the amp to break up sooner, with additional midrange richness, and the top end is classic '50s Fender with detail and sparkle. Clear and present, the Super delivers both robust cleans and rich tube saturation, with sweet, singing overdriven bark.

The circuit retains all of the original Triad transformers, and the preamp is outfitted with a bevy of vintage spec red dynamite Astron replica caps courtesy of Jupiter. The potentiometers are all properly spec'd modern USA-made replacements courtesy of CTS. The power supply has been recapped with high quality Spragues, and a modern three-prong power cable has been installed. The power tubes are a modern pair of Mullard 6V6s, with a vintage Realistic-branded rectifier and modern JJ valves in the preamp

The cabinet is loaded with an era-correct pair of Jensen P10Q speakers with dark blue/green frames and clean Jensen foil labels on the magnets. Both speakers have been professionally reconed, with date stamps on the edges of the frames from the 3rd week of '61. The stock tube chart is present, denoting a 5E4 circuit, and the "EK" date stamp on the tube chart translates to November of 1955.

The cabinet has been professionally retweeded with the correct diagonal lacquered tweed, along with modern oxblood/gold stripe grillcloth. Perhaps paradoxically, both back panels retain their original tweed covering. The original "Fender" badge on the amp's face is intact, along with modern sphinx glides (feet). The chrome-plated faceplate has ample shine with only a few spots of isolated pitting and the majority of the white silkscreen text intact. The full complement of chicken head knobs is also present. The leather handle is a modern replacement.