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1955 Fender Princeton Tweed Vintage Tube Amp Narrow Panel Big Box 5F2 Circuit, Collector-Grade


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Up for sale, a 1955 Fender Princeton in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. This narrow panel Tweed amp has absolutely stunning and virtually un-ambered original tweed, and this Princeton is one of the very first "big box" narrow panel examples produced, with a very low P00134 serial. The cab is far larger than the single 8" alnico magnet Jensen speaker requires, and the resulting sound is deceptively round and rich for the relatively small speaker size.

The circuit couldn't be more simple and pure, with single Volume and Tone knobs and a Class A circuit design, powered by a single 6V6 power tube. The tone is articulate, dynamic and commanding, with the sizzle and churning overdrive of a Champ, but with more tonal range and fuller low end. The top end response is just right, and the amp doesn't get too trebly, making the tone control quite usable for dialing in exactly as much zing and snap as you desire.

The circuit retains the original Triad transformers, Stackpole pots, carbon comp resistors, and yellow Astron capacitors. The Stackpole pots both date to the 47th week of 1955, soldered to the original "domino" resistor and red Astron "dynamite" tone cap. The power supply caps and smaller electrolytics have been replaced with high quality modern Spragues. The tubes include a vintage GE 5Y3 rectifier and matched 6V6 power tube, with a modern Tung Sol 12AX7 in the preamp. The speaker is the original Jensen 8J11 alnico magnet driver with a clean frame and date stamp from the 51st week of '54. The speaker has also been freshly reconed. The tube chart is pristine save for one partially torn corner, with a handwritten serial number (which matches the number on the chassis).

The original tweed is absolutely stunning in its presentation with virtually no ambering. As the photos can attest, this amp is simply as pristine as they come save for some light staining on the bottom of the cabinet. The faceplate is extremely clean, with all of the white silkscreened text, gleaming chrome, and a pair of original chicken head knobs. The original leather handle is also present.

This amp is a true rarity, and this particular example has been carefully tested and inspected to ensure originality and ideal functionality.