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1954 Gibson GA-40 Les Paul Vintage Tube Amp 1x12 Serviced w/ Tremolo, Jensen P12Q


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Up for sale, a 1954 Gibson GA-40 Les Paul 1x12 tube amplifier in perfect working order, meticulously serviced in-house here at Mike & Mike's Guitar Bar. The GA-40 Les Paul is one of Gibson's most visually distinct amps, with two-tone cosmetics, a flawless plastic "LP" script grill, metal Gibson badge, and even small "Les Paul" gold script text, identical to the script on the headstocks of the earliest Les Paul guitars. Providing direct competition for Fender's tweed amps, this Les Paul GA-40 was analogous to Fender's Tremolux, with a dual 6V6 driven circuit, four-input design, built-in tremolo, and open-back cabinet with a single 12" Jensen P12Q alnico magnet driver.

The Les Paul GA-40 has two channels with a shared Voicing (Tone) control and dedicated Volume knobs. A footswitchable Tremolo effect has a three-way rotary speed control. While the voicing of this amp is relatively dark overall, there’s a nice high-treble snap and punchy presence in the top end. Round cleans give way to thick overdrive around halfway up the Volume dial, and the Tremolo has a deep pulse and smooth waveform, offering everything from a swampy, slow undulation to quicker beating available at the click of a knob.

All of the original transformers are intact, dating to 1954 and manufactured by Magnetic Components Inc. The amp has been recapped as needed to ensure optimal functionality and tone with premium tubular Jupiter caps, and the preamp retains all of the original IRC pots and carbon comp resistors. The tube complement includes all vintage metal can valves in the preamp, with a matched pair of fresh Electro Harmonix 6V6 power tubes and a 5V4 rectifier. A vintage reissue Jensen P12Q speaker has been installed, with correct dark green frame and bell cover on the alnico magnet.

The original two-tone cosmetics are quite well preserved considering the fragility of the materials used, with moderate wear on the enclosure edges. The chassis itself has been cleanly resprayed in an even shade of brown in the amp's lifetime, and the original quartet of deep brown chicken head knobs are present

The original "doorstop" footswitch for engaging the tremolo is included, hard-wired as per factory spec.