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1954 Fender Super Tweed Wide Panel Vintage Tube Amp 2x10 w/ Jensen P10R, 5D4


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Up for sale, a 1954 Fender Super in exceptional condition, complete with the original pair of Jensen P10R alnico 10" speakers and a pair of USA Tung Sol 5881 power tubes. A "Wide Panel" Tweed amp, this particular iteration of the Super is one of the earliest examples of the 5D4 circuit, only available from 1954-55. The Tweed Super is the baby brother of the Bassman in many respects, offering the same harmonic rich, dynamic tones in a more studio friendly and portable enclosure. The low end is wooly and thick, the midrange has just the right amount of punch, and the top end is classic '50s Fender with detail and balance that few other amps can match. Clear and present, with incredible low end response even at low volumes, the Super allows you to easily dial in the right amount of bite and touch-sensitive overdrive when you dig in. After around 4-5 on the volume dial, the amp cascades into full tube saturation, with sweet, singing drive. Freshly serviced, this Fender Super sounds every bit as good as vintage amp lore would suggest.

The circuit is a two-channel four-input design, and both of the original Triad-made transformers are intact. The preamp boasts a bevy of original Astron tone caps, and the trio of Stackpole pots have date codes spanning late 1953 to the 1st week of '54. A vintage yellow Astron cap is coupled to the Tone control, and the majority of the original carbon comp resistors are intact too. The power amp has been professionally recapped with Sprague Atom capacitors to ensure optimal performance and stability (with a couple smaller electrolytics in the preamp sleeved in the original Minimite wrappers as well), and the power cable has been upgraded to a modern three-prong. The 5D4 circuit was also the first Super to feature a Standby switch, like the example seen here. The tube set includes a pair of properly biased vintage USA-made Tung Sol 5881 (6L6GC) power tubes, a vintage GE 5U4 rectifier, and modern valves in the preamp.

The original pair of Jensen P10R speakers are intact with dark green frames. The speakers have matching date codes on the edges of the frames from the 8th week of '53, with clean Jensen foil labels on the magnet bell covers. The tube chart is intact and quite clean, denoting the 5C4 circuit, but also modified by hand at the factory to reflect the updated tube complement of the 5D4 circuit (a common occurrence given how quickly circuits changed in the '50s and Leo Fender's propensity to not waste anything). The "DF" code on the chart translates to June of 1954.

The cabinet has been professionally retweeded and lacquered, and the grillcloth is original. The cabinet shows sparingly little wear, perfectly at home in a studio environment. The handle is also a modern replacement. The chrome-plated faceplate has bright chrome plating, retaining the majority of the white silkscreen lettering, along with the stock chicken head knobs.