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1952 Fender Tweed Deluxe 5B3 Wide Panel Vintage Tube Amp 1x12 w/ Jensen P12R


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Up for sale, a 1952 Fender Deluxe in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. The successor to the "TV Front" Deluxe, this is the first iteration of the "Wide Panel" models seen from 1952-54, boasting a freshly serviced circuit, original Jensen P12R speaker, and a very clean chassis. Notable for featuring octal valves in the preamp, the early Tweed Deluxe iterations have more midrange complexity and a distinctive grit. Dynamic and harmonically-rich, this Deluxe is perfect for cleans with a bit of hair on the notes, easily cascading into ripping crunch. The 5B3 circuit excels with Fender single coils for a sparkling, cutting sound that has ample warmth, while a P-90 or humbucker will quickly overdrive the circuit for plenty of roar.

The chassis is remarkably clean, and the transformers include the particularly robust Triad power transformer along with a substituted vintage open-bell Hammond-made output transformer. The preamp retains a pair of the original Astron capacitors, along with a few modern tubular caps and some low-noise metal film resistors of the appropriate values. The original trio of Stackpole pots is present, with visible date codes from the 18th week of '51. The power supply has been recapped with Sprague Atoms, and the amp has been fitted with a modern three-prong power cable, and both of these steps ensure gig-worthy, trouble-free functionality. The amp is loaded with a matched pair of Electro Harmonix 6V6 power tubes, a JJ 5Y3 rectifier, and a pair of vintage metal can RCA 6SC7 preamp tubes.

The speaker is the original Jensen P12R alnico 12" driver with an extremely clean dark green frame. This speaker dates to the 11th week of '52 and retains the original speaker harness with cloth covered wire and stock 1/4" input as well.  The original tube chart is extremely clean with a hand-written serial number matching the chassis.

The chrome on the chassis is positively gleaming, shining like few Tweeds still do with all of the original white silkscreened text present along with stock chicken head knobs. In similar condition, the original tweed shows limited ambering, with some minor requisite scuffing on the edges of the cabinet and on the corners. Both back panels are original as well, as is the grillcloth and even the original leather handle. This Deluxe is an example that will satisfy collectors and serious players alike, and the amp has recently been given a clean bill of health, ready for your next gig or studio session.