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1951 Fender Pro TV Front Tweed Vintage Tube Guitar Amp 1x15 w/ Jensen P15N


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Up for sale, a 1951 Fender Pro, retaining the original tweed intact and fully serviced, complete with a vintage tube set. This was the very first iteration of this classic lacquered tweed "TV front" model, and this era Pro is perhaps best known as being the amp Buddy Holly recorded all of his hits on at the Norman Petty studio in New Mexico. A very powerful and high fidelity amp in its day, the Pro pushed close to 40 sweet and dynamic tube watts through one 15" Jensen P15N alnico speaker. The early octal preamp tubes give these TV front amps a different tonal color than any later Fenders, as the octals have a more girthy midrange and a kind of warmth that can't be achieved with the later dual triode (12AX7, etc) tubes Fender used from the mid-1950's through the present day. Just like you'd expect with Buddy Holly's cutting and robust rhythm sound, the Pro can give you primitive Fender cleans that chime and growl, with surprising headroom and a tone that overall really fills out the frequency spectrum when paired with Fender's single coil pickups of the day.

The circuit has been maintained faithful to original factory spec, with a full recap of the power supply with high quality Sprague Atom filter caps. The preamp has a few new caps as well, and four of the original large Industrial Condenser Corp caps are still present. The original trio of Stackpole pots date to 1950. The original Triad power transformer is intact, and a factory-spec replacement output transformer is mounted to the speaker frame. The amp has also been fitted with a modern three-prong power cable. The power tubes are a pair of properly-biased vintage USA-made 6L6GCs (likely RCA), with a vintage Fender-branded 5U4 rectifier and trio of Tung Sol USA 6SC7 preamp tubes.

The chassis is in great overall condition, with only a light speckling of patina and the majority of the original white silkscreen text intact. All three original chicken head knobs are present too, along with a modern leather handle and original metal Fender logo on the face. The Jensen P15N speaker is stock, sporting a clean dark green frame and original Jensen foil label on the bell cover. The speaker dates to the 15th week of '51. The original tube chart is present as well and very clean with crisp corners and hand-inked serial number.

The original low contrast diagonal tweed is intact, with some notable stains and front edges of the cabinet that likely served as a scratching post at some juncture. The grillcloth is original too, with a few minor holes and some staining. It's an honestly worn look that's impossible to replicate, and the cabinet is structurally sound.