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1951 Danelectro Maestro Series C Vintage 1x12 Tube Guitar Amp w/ Rola Field Coil, 6V6


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Up for sale, a 1950's Danelectro Maestro Series C 1x12 vintage tube amp in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This rare and early Dano amp delivers both robust cleans and smooth overdrive, complimented by the Vibravox tremolo circuit. The amp is powered by a pair of 6V6 tubes, and this configuration capitalizes on the sweet midrange character and smooth low end of this particular power tube design. Although a two band EQ (Treble and Bass) seems quite simplistic by today's standards, in the '50s this was a pioneering tone circuit, and these knobs each have a wide frequency sweep to dial in the perfect amount of low end growl and twangy treble.

The point-to-point circuit is very original and recently serviced, with stock transformers and new electrolytic caps as needed to ensure optimal performance. The power tubes are a pair of brand new matched JJ 6V6s, with one vintage "coke bottle" 5Y3 rectifier, a modern Groove Tubes 5Y3, and vintage valves in the preamp. The original Rola field coil speaker is intact with a clean frame, original cone, and date code on the edge of the frame from the 41st week of '51. The speaker connects to the circuit via a multi-pin umbilical.

Cosmetically, the amp retains its original gold and reddish brown two-tone covering, paired with the original cane grillcloth. Even the original leather handle is intact and in remarkable shape. The faceplate retains all of the original bakelite brown pointer knobs, and the original orange silkscreen graphics are extremely well-preserved. There is only modest edge wear on the enclosure, mostly on the rounded lower corners, and the silkscreened Danelectro logo is present on the lower edge of the face of the amp.