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1950s Jenco Celeste Vintage 3-Octave Idiophone Keyboard, Clean & Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1950s Jenco Celeste three-octave vintage keyboard in collector-grade condition and in perfect working order. Exceedingly rare in any condition and manufactured in Decatur, Illinois, this Celeste has been extremely well-kept over the decades. Freshly serviced, this Celeste has easy, consistent action with level keys and a smooth, chiming sound that's utterly unique.

This three octave table top iteration of Jenco's Celeste is a portable, studio-friendly secret weapon. An idiophone by definition, the Celeste features a set of graduated tuned metal bars similar to a glockenspiel. When a key is struck, a hammer makes contact with the metal bar, and the sound is amplified by the resonator tube above the note. The result is the instantly recognizable iconic sound heard on Buddy Holly's Everyday and the Velvet Underground's Sunday Morning.

The instrument has surprising volume, and servicing included polishing the key pins, lubricating the action centers, and easing the key bushings in addition to ensuring all keys were level and the performance uniform across the octaves. This Celeste will be the jewel of any studio keyboard collection, exhibiting only very minor edge wear. Nickel-plated latches, hinges, and handles show sparingly little patina, and the aluminum rails are positively gleaming. The Jenco logo is the later of the two styles offered on this Celeste, and the badge is in great shape.