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1950 Gibson BR-9 Vintage Class A Vintage Tube Amp 1x8, 10 watt w/ 6V6, Fully Serviced


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Up for sale, a 1950 Gibson BR-9 vintage Class A tube amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with a vintage tube set. An uncommon Gibson amp produced from 1948-50 and sharing its name with the BR-9 lap steel which was paired with this amp when sold new, the BR-9 pushes 10 all-tube watts via a pair of vintage 6V6 power tubes. The low gain single pentode preamp pushes two single-ended 6V6s, running in parallel. The sound is bouncy and harmonically-rich, quite clean in its response and yielding some overdriven grit when dimed out and pushed with a more hotly wound pickup.

The point-to-point wired circuit has been fully serviced and recapped as necessary, with all new premium Sprague caps in the preamp, and a complete recap of the power supply as well (Gibson capacitors of this era are notoriously leaky and virtually all necessitate replacement). The original power transformer has a date code from '50, and the CTS pot is a modern replacement. The chassis retains the original silkscreen graphics, along with a singular dark brown chicken head knob. The vintage tubes consist of a matched pair of vintage General Electric-branded 6V6 power tubes, along with a 5Y3 rectifier and metal can 6SJ7 preamp tube. The speaker is the original Rola-manufactured field coil design with the output transformer mounted to the speaker frame. The date stamp on the frame is from the 50th week of 1950.

The cabinet sports its original yellow canvas covering, with a remarkably preserved deep red plexi Gibson grill over the wheat grillcloth. The canvas shows some edge wear as shown, extremely common given the thin material, and a vintage leather handle has been fitted. The original paper graphic illustrating how to remove the chassis is intact on the bottom of the enclosure.