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1949 Supro Supreme 1600 1x10 Vintage Tweed Tube Amp, Valco-Made


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Up for sale, a 1949 Supro Supreme model 1600 1x10 vintage tube amp in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This Chicago-built amp comes from the first golden era of Valco production, freshly serviced and retaining the original 10” Rola field coil speaker.

While Leo Fender’s amps tend to get more attention, fans of the “other” American sound know that the best Valco amps are unmatched when it comes to delivering incredibly soulful, full, dimensional tones as heard on countless classic early electric blues and rockabilly records (not to mention the work of Jimmy Page).

A single channel design with an octal-based preamp and single Volume knob, at lower settings the Supreme delivers lush clean tones with tons of lower-midrange warmth, and dialing up the knob pushes into rich, creamy overdrive, with “edge-of-breakup” around 7 on the knob and full-on gutsy dirt beyond. At any volume level, it’s exceedingly touch-sensitive and dynamic, retaining excellent articulation with a decidedly musical feel.

The circuit has been professionally serviced here at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar, extremely original and requiring just a couple Jupiter and F&T electrolytic caps to function as intended. The original transformer pair is intact, and the Stackpole pot dates to the 40th week of '48. The tube complement comprises a matched pair of Russian-made 6V6s in the power section, a vintage RCA 5Y3G rectifier, Sylvania 6J7 pentode and GE 6SC7 dual triode preamp tubes. The original Rola 10” field coil speaker is intact, dating to the 8th week of 1949, re-coned at some point in this amp’s life.

The cabinet is crafted from what Supro describes as “sturdy plywood,” sporting a “salt and pepper” tweed wrap, and the distinctive horizontal-lined baffle is lined with black grillcloth. Other cosmetic accents include the small Supro badge on the amp's face and the V-prefix serial badge on the back, and even the original leather handle is in great shape. Cosmetic wear on this amp is limited to light edge wear, and the graphics on the chassis are remarkably clean.