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1948 Gibson GA-30 Vintage Tube Amp w/ Jensen 1x12 & 1x8, Serviced, First-Year


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Up for sale, a 1948 Gibson GA-30 tube amp, freshly serviced and loaded with a 12" Jensen P12S speaker and matching 8" Jensen midrange driver. A first-year example of the GA-30 model, this two channel design has four inputs, three for the Instrument channel are a single "High Gain" Mic channel input. The Tone control has a modest sweep, with the help of the Bass Expander two-way switch. Pushing 14 watts via a pair of 6V6 power tubes, the amp offers chewy, churning gain when dimed, with quite a bit of clean headroom and power, surprising given the practically prototypical nature of electric guitar amplification in the late 1940s. Naturally geared for Jazz yet capable of raucous driven textures, the amp offers lots of detail and smooth, clear tone.

The point-to-point circuit has been recapped as needed, with modern power supply caps and signal caps installed. The power transformer and choke are original, while the output transformer mounted to the speaker frame is a high quality replacement manufactured by Hammond. All of the original IRC pots are also present. The 6V6 power tubes are a modern pair of matched Electro Harmonics valves with low hours, with a vintage 5Y3 rectifier from GE and vintage (likely original) RCA-branded metal can octal preamp tubes.

The pair of alnico Jensen speakers include the original midrange driver, with a date code on the side of the magnet bell from the 25th week of '48. The 12" P12S Jensen is a vintage substitution from the same era and professionally reconed.

The dark brown textured covering is original, and the oxblood/gold stripe grillcloth was installed later in the amp's lifetime. The chassis itself is notably well-kept, with practically perfect silkscreen graphics and the original pair of dark burgundy radio-style knobs. The premium leather handle is a modern substitution.