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Vintage 47 D.B. Fillmore Tube Reverb Unit, Vintage-Style Spring Reverb Tank, Premier 90


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Up for sale, a Vintage 47 D.B. Fillmore tube reverb in showroom-clean condition and in perfect working order. Loosely based on a '60s Premier 90 standalone reverb unit, famously associated with Duane Allman, and inspired by Bill Graham’s original Fillmore Auditorium sound, this D.B. Fillmore delivers natural room reverb with “none of that cave/pipe echo surf vibe.” Handcrafted by master amp builder/technician David Barnes; it’s smoother-sounding than a Fender unit, producing reverb ranging from subtle depth to huge, washed-out sounds to vintage-style slapback, and can also function well as a tube-driven buffer with the Reverb control turned down.

The hand-wired point-to-point circuit is based on the classic Premier 90, with a 5Y3 rectifier in place of the diode-rectified original power supply. The tube complement is rounded out with a JJ 6V6 power tube and Sovtek 6SL7 preamp tube. The circuit also sports a few key tweaks typically done to original Premier 90s to ensure optimal response and versatility. The transformer is a Valco PT 290, and the reverb tank is a three-spring design. Controls include Reverb and Normal knobs, with a 1/4” jack for an external footswitch (not included).

This reverb unit is in great shape with black tolex, a leather handle, winged badge on the unit’s face and pristine graphics on the rear control plate, complete with red chicken head knobs. There’s virtually no wear on the enclosure, and just a couple small areas on the back corners where the tolex is lifting fractionally.