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Victory V40 Duchess Deluxe 1x12” Combo Amp, Reverb & Tremolo, Celestion Creamback, Cover & Ftsw


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Up for sale, a Victory V40 Duchess Deluxe 1x12” widebody combo amplifier in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original two-button footswitch and slip cover. This UK-made Victory combo upgrades their award-winning V40 The Duchess platform with footswitchable valve-driven spring Reverb and Tremolo, loaded with a Celestion Creamback G12H-75.

A single input, single channel design, the V40 Deluxe is deceptively versatile, offering distinct American and British settings via a two-way Voice switch. With Voice I, everything from vintage-flavored Fender-style tones with single coils to mid-’60s British drive is on-hand. Voice II strengthens the midrange at the input for more punch and cut, yielding additional sizzle and UK-inspired grind. Controls include Master Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Input Volume knobs, with both Volume and Tone controls for the tube-driven Reverb effect, and Depth and Speed knobs for the Tremolo. Additionally, the two-way Mid Kick mini toggle enables a lower midrange boost and broadens the sweep of the Mid knob.

If the Master Volume control is set to maximum, the V40D reacts like a non-master volume amplifier. Additionally, the Master Volume control is positioned after the phase splitter valve, so turning up the Input Volume control allows the first part of the power output stage to be overdriven. A discreet switch under the rear panel offers a low-power mode too, and at 7 watts, this setting is ideal for at-home and studio use. Additional features on the amp's back panel include an Effects Loop, external bias test points, and 4, 8 and 16 ohm output options.

The transformers were produced in the UK by Demeter Windings, and the tube complement includes a pair of JJ 6L6 power tubes, with PM-branded E83CCs (12AX7s) and 12AT7s in the preamp. The widebody cabinet is loaded with the stock Celestion G12H-75 Creamback 12” speaker, delivering tight, responsive lows, punchy mids, and singing highs.

The rugged cabinet features Victory’s proprietary construction technique with pine top, sides, and bottom, ply back sections and 12-degree up-angled baffle for optimal resonance. The enclosure features cream tolex, salt and pepper grillcloth, and a premium brown leather handle and corners. This amp is in fantastic shape, and the only wear of note is a pair of shallow indentations on the back enclosure edge on either side of the back panel.

The Victory-branded slip cover is included, along with the two-button Tremolo/Reverb footswitch.