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Victoria Regal II Boutique 1x15 Tube Amp w/ Adaptive Transformer, Brake Lite Attenuator


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Up for sale, a 2011 Victoria Regal II 1x15 tube combo amp in excellent condition and in perfect working order, augmented with a Dr. Z Brake-Lite attenuator and complete with a Studio Slips cover. Victoria offers some of the finest boutique Tweed-style amps on the market, favored by players including Joe Bonamassa and Dan Auerbach. Hand-wired in Naperville, Illinois, this Regal II is a Class A, cathode-biased, dual single-ended, variable output (5 to 35W) amplifier; with a Valco-meets-Fender design and “TV-front” 1x15” cabinet, loaded with an Eminence Legend 15” speaker. It also features footswitchable tube-driven spring Reverb and Tremolo.

The heart of the Regal II is its adaptive transformer, which enables it to use one, two, or mismatched power tubes without having to rebias for incredible sonic flexibility. The bi-filar transformer essentially functions as two discrete transformers driving a common speaker load; as such, any combination of 8-pin power tubes can be used, from a single 6V6 delivering 5 watts of pure class A power to two EL-34s for 35 watts. The tube rectifier can also be swapped for any common five-volt rectifier, such as the 5Y3, 5U4, and 5AR4.

The hand-wired circuit features premium, vintage-spec components throughout including Sprague capacitors, Allen Bradley resistors, and CTS pots. The current tube complement consists of a pair of Tung Sol 6L6 power tubes, three Tung Sol 12AX7s and one Philips ECG 12AT7 in the preamp, and an EHX 5U4GB rectifier. The amp has been upgraded with a Dr. Z Brake-Lite attenuator, mounted to the inside edge of the cabinet.

The lacquered tweed covering is notably clean, with light wear on the edges of the premium leather handle. The faceplate and graphics are pristine, with perfect white silkscreen text and a full complement of chicken head knobs.

A Studio Slips cover is included.