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VHT Valvulator I Tube Buffer/Line Driver Power Supply


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Up for sale, a VHT Valvulator I tube buffer/line driver and power supply in excellent condition and in perfect working order. The Valvulator uses a vacuum tube-based buffer circuit to change input guitar signal from high to low impedance; mitigating and overcoming high-frequency degradation caused by impedance effects, cable capacitance, and signal compromise caused by the circuits of effects units. The Valvulator I input stage features the same circuitry found in the input stage of most amplifiers, with a 12AX7 preamp tube, delivering the dynamic feel typically only possible when plugging an instrument directly into the front of an amp.

There are four regulated and isolated outputs, ensuring maximum signal output and frequency response from pedals. The individual isolation also means ground loop hum will never be an issue. The Valvulator I runs on a standard AC wall current; the plug is not included. This unit is in great shape and built like a tank, with a rugged steel chassis and a stainless steel vented cover. Cosmetically, it’s practically perfect, beyond some minor wear on the graphics.