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Throbak Electronics Stone Bender MKII Pro, Tone Bender Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Throbak Electronics Stone Bender MKII Pro in like-new condition and in perfect working order. The Stone Bender is a modern iteration of the three germanium transistor-laden Sola Sound Tone Bender MkII used by greats like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. This pedal features a pre-gain switch (with internal adjustable bias pot) offering everything from sizzling overdrive to ripping fuzz with near endless sustain. Just like the original inspiration, it features a trio of carefully matched Germanium transistors for a warm, smooth fuzz that can get absolutely wild and monstrous when cranked.

It has a simple control scheme, with Level and Attack knobs. The MKII Pro also features a Tone Color switch which, when engaged, takes a bit of the edge off of the treble bite, similar in tone to the beloved three-knob Colorsound Tone Bender.

This particular unit is in fantastic condition, without even a mark on the housing and retaining the serialized sticker on the baseplate.