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Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Strymon Sunset dual overdrive pedal in near-mint, 100% original condition and in perfect working order. Among the most versatile drive pedals ever released, the Sunset combines two fully customizable all-analog overdrive pedals in one pedalboard-friendly housing, independently selectable and flexibly routable for a myriad of tones from “transparent ‘more amp’ to heavy saturated fuzz, and all the best places in between.” Since the two circuits are designed and voiced to be complementary to each other in any position or configuration, the resultant combinations are as sonically pleasing as they are diverse.

There are three switchable circuits in each of the two channels. Channel A’s circuits are:

-Ge: A softer Germanium diode circuit with a parallel path that blends in the dry signal as the Drive is lowered. At higher gains the lower-mid-range frequencies are emphasized to create a tight, thick response.

-Texas: A single stage soft-clipping configuration that is filtered before and after the gain stage to create a smooth and dynamic overdrive, perfect for midrange-bumped fat bluesy tones.

-Treble: A clean boost that removes the low frequencies as the Tone knob is turned up.

Channel B’s circuits are:

-2stage: features a soft-clipping stage followed by a hard-clipping stage, creating a complex overdrive with a wide range of gain that can easily travel from lightly clipped to beefy saturation, with a robust low end.

-Hard: A single-stage hard-clipping circuit with an almost fuzz-like level of gain available on tap, accessed through the Drive knob.

-JFET: A clean boost that subtly beefs up your signal with the dynamics and response of a JFET front end. As drive increases, the signal gets rounded and warmer.

Both channels feature Level/Drive/Tone controls, the latter two of which have semi-variable impacts depending on the engaged circuit. There is also a three-position variable Brightness switch at the top of the housing adjacent to the I/O jacks, and a Config switch to adjust the effects order for the two sides of the pedal with A->B, B->A, and A+B (in parallel) options. There is also a Fav In jack which, used in tandem with an external footswitch, allows for easy access to one specific dialed-in tone; and an Expression pedal input jack which can be married to any of the knobs for further control while playing.

This particular pedal is in fantastic shape, with hardly a mark on the enclosure.