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Roland PG-1000 Linear Synthesizer Programmer


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Up for sale, a Roland PG-1000 Linear Synthesizer Programmer in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Released in the late ‘80s, the PG-1000 is the only dedicated external controller ever released for the exceedingly popular D-50 and D-550 synthesizers, offering complete control of all parameters with an extensive array of traditional-style sliders.

It has MIDI In, Out, and Through ports, as well as a 5-pin Parameter In MIDI port. The sliders are grouped by functionality; separated into WG (Waveform Generation) Pitch, WG Waveform, TVF, TVF Envelope, TVA and TVA Envelopes. It should be noted that the PG-1000 is a dedicated device, meaning it will only work in tandem with the D-50 or D-550 and should not be considered a generic synth programmer. With a compatible synth, however, the tonal sculpting options are extremely comprehensive.