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Paul Cochrane Tim Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Paul Cochrane Tim overdrive pedal in excellent condition and in perfect working order, complete with the user information sheet. Hand-wired by Paul Cochrane, this rare pedal (the original, big brother of the Timmy) is beloved for its open, transparent overdrive and wide range of EQ sculpting controls.

Tonally, it’s firmly in the Tube Screamer camp, but without the midrange hump of that particular pedal, and with less compression, ensuring that the Tim is truly transparent. It works exceptionally well as a flat/clean boost, and can easily be dialed up for grit and creamy drive. Controls include Gain, Bass, Treble, and Volume knobs, plus a Drive knob on the back to control the gain of the clipping circuit and a Tone knob that dictates the low end of that circuit at high boost levels. The Bass and Treble EQ knobs are “cut” style inverted controls, with broad sweeps; the Bass control is pre distortion, enabling the user to more easily keep the low end for cleaner sounds and dial it out for crunchier tones, and the Treble is post distortion to ensure optimal top end clarity without any unwanted fizziness or abrasive noise. Additionally, the clipping Drive knob on the back is a push/pull pot that changes the clipping circuit to react faster, increasing distortion and compression with lower signal levels and affecting both modes of the pedal. There is also a series FX loop.

Cosmetic wear on the swirled purple finish is limited to a few small chips around the edges of the enclosure and some scuffing on the baseplate. The graphics are pristine and the original knobs are all present.

The original user information sheet is included.