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MXR Poly Blue Octave Guitar M306 Effects Pedal w/ Box, Power Supply


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Up for sale, an MXR Poly Blue Octave pedal in like-new condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box and packaging. The Poly Blue Octave combines modern and classic pitch-shifting styles together with fuzz and modulation for an exceedingly versatile octave pedal with a vast array of unique tonalities.

This Poly Blue features four separate octave divisions (one octave down, two octaves down, one octave up, two octaves up), with independent level controls for each of the four. Additionally, each octave section is polyphonic by default, working just as flawlessly with chords as with melodic passages, and the inclusion of the Mono on/off button allows the user to toggle back to the gritty, monophonic sounds of analog-style pitch shifters. The Dry signal gets its own level control, making it easy to find the ideal blend of shifted and straight. The wild, unruly Fuzz, inspired by the classic MXR Blue Box Fuzz, can be toggled on/off, and the Fuzz volume can be adjusted at the Dry knob; when used with the sub-octave signals, the fuzz is thick and subterranean, and with the higher pitched signals it becomes a searing buzzsaw. Finally, the Poly Blue Octave includes a dual-mode Modulation effect, with an independent control knob; in Polyphonic mode, it acts as a Leslie simulation further emphasizing the organ-like qualities of the clean sound, and in Monophonic mode, it delivers the swirls and swooshes of the Phase 90.

This Poly Blue Octave is in fantastic shape, with nary a mark on the purple sparkle housing and pristine graphics. The original box is included, along with the power adapter and all packaging.