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Line 6 HX Effects Multi-Effects Guitar Effects Pedal, Mint Condition w/ Box


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Up for sale, a Line 6 HX Effects processor unit in like-new condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box and still in the factory protective plastic. This comprehensive, all-in-one unit features more than 100 individual modeled effects with a user-friendly, sleek interface for easy shuffling/configuring of the 9 effect slots.

Line 6’s proprietary HX audio engine has been designed to produce as realistic and pristine of a tone as possible for each modeled effect, with a USB port for computer-based editing and firmware upgrades. The 8 capacitive touch footswitches make effect editing and selection easy, with the Mode switch toggling between Stomp, Preset, and and Pedal Edit modes. Each footswitch has a color-coded LED; making each easily identifiable even in low-light situations. The bottom right footswitch is a tap Tuner. Additionally, there is a “Scribble Strip” LCD display for each switch which displays the current effect and, when editing controls are enabled, also displays the parameters being altered by the global control complement. There are a trio of knobs which define and sculpt the tonal properties of individual effects, with one large knob for cycling through the overall effects list. For effects with more than three parameters to change, there is an Action button and pair of Page arrows to advance the trio of knobs to the next three adjustable options. Additionally, the presence of specifically-designated Save and Home buttons reward experimentation and greatly expedite the editing process.

The I/O complement on the rear of the enclosure is also rather comprehensive. While the HX Effects can easily be run into the front of an amp, there are also a pair of effects loop Send/Returns to enable specific chain configurations for individual effects. There are dual outputs to control channel switching on the amplifier or to add an optional expression pedal, plus MIDI I/O. The housing is rugged, designed to be able to handle the rigors of the road.

This unit is practically brand new, still in the box with sealed factory protective plastic and foam inserts. A proprietary Line 6 9V power supply is included.