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Keeley Electronics DDR Drive-Delay-Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, a Keeley DDR Drive-Delay-Reverb pedal in near-mint condition and in perfect working order. The DDR combines a few classic guitar effects into one pedal, with Drive and Wet sounds; choose between two classic overdrive tones, then pour on some delay or reverb. The Wet and Drive sections are independently footswitchable, and there’s a wide array of tonal sculpting options.

The Drive section has Tone, Drive, and Level controls, with a two way Crunch/Lead toggle. Crunch is a gritty, British-flavored tone, and Lead is a warm, dark, mid-pushed drive perfect for liquid, vocal melodic playing. The Wet section of the pedal has a toggle to switch between Delay and Reverb, with Blend, Decay, and Time knobs. Additionally, the Vintage/Modern Switch enables toggling between Spring & Plate Reverb or Analog & Digital Delay, depending on which mode is engaged. Finally, there are a pair of recessed switches on the side of the pedal for Trails On/Off and TRS Insert On/Off functionality.