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JHS Steak and Eggs, Morning Glory Overdrive + Keeley Compressor


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Up for sale, a JHS/Keeley Steak and Eggs overdrive/compressor pedal in perfect working order. This collaboration from the two boutique pedal masters combines modified versions of the JHS Morning Glory overdrive and Keeley Compressor for a single versatile, “rig-in-a-box” multi-functional pedal.

The Morning Glory circuit has been modified to deliver more power and crunch than in the beloved original version; a Gain switch adds headroom and punch when the Drive is set below 80% and more gain, dirt and saturation above 80%. Additionally, the standard Morning Glory bright cut is now on an internal dip switch, so no functionality is lost. The Keeley Compressor circuit has been modified to add a touch more treble and mid response, with an internal DIP switch to access the original classic Keeley sound. The Compressor also features a Blend knob, to mix dry signal back in, as well as a Bright switch to add an extra kick of jangle. There’s also a two-way signal path to dictate which effect comes first in the chain.

Cosmetic wear on this pedal includes a scuffed area on the top of the enclosure at the Morning Glory footswitch, and just a scant few faint marks on the unit as a whole. The original knobs are all present, and the graphics are pristine.