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Eventide Mixing Link Microphone Preamp Pedal


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Up for sale, a Eventide Mixing Link Microphone Preamp in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. The Mixing Link is a compact mic pre with an Effects Loop for easy and portable patching of audio between your input (mic or instrument) and your stompbox, mobile device, amp, console, or computer interface. It’s a flexible unit, able to be used with virtually any audio setup, and equally comfortable at home/in the studio and on stage. It’s a functional DI, mic pre, and/or headphone monitor, with great re-amping and mixing/interfacing capabilities.

Mixing Link boasts 65 dB of gain and works with dynamic and ribbon mics. Additionally, it supports condenser mics thanks to its built-in 48V phantom power supply. It also sports a bevy of connections and ports, including Mic XLR in, Line TRS in, and instrument 1/4“ jack in. Users can also simultaneously direct their input signal to any of the output destinations. For instance, balanced line level outputs can be sent to guitar amps and mics can be sent to balanced line level inputs in tandem. Stereo and mono summing outputs can also be routed simultaneously.

Controls include knobs for Phones & Amp Level, Mix, and Input Gain. The Mix knob has a three-way mini-toggle which changes its functionality between Dry+FX, Mix, and FX Only. There is also an FX Loop footswitch, with a two-way toggle to switch between Hold and Latch (momentary) modes.

This unit is in fantastic shape, with clean graphics and barely a scratch on the robust enclosure.