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Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi-Effect Pedal w/ Box


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Up for sale, an Eventide H9 Harmonizer Multi-Effect in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box, carrying bag, and user manual. Eventide’s so-called “One Pedal to Rule Them All,” the H9 Harmonizer combines an incredible range of programmable effects into one compact package. It features the entire suite of Eventide effects, including Delay, Chorus, Pitch Shifting, and Distortion, with over 500 presets. There are more than 50 of Eventide’s effect algorithms, from Harpeggiator to Filter Pong Delay to CrushStation distortion, to name just a few. The H9 is made even more versatile thanks to its Bluetooth-based compatibility with the H9 Control app, which enables the user to manage parameters, presets, and settings from their phone (iPhone or Android) or computer (Mac or Windows). Beyond just programming presets, the H9 Control app can also program setlists for great on-stage functionality.

The H9’s user-friendly one-knob interface allows for easy preset selection and effect editing, with Hotknob, X, Y, Z, and Presets buttons. X, Y, and Z adjust preset parameters, and Hotknob allows the large central knob to control any combination of the parameters simultaneously; effectively turning it into an on-board expression pedal. There are two footswitches: the right switch can cue presets (for hands-free changes) or act as a tap tempo for compatible effects, and the left switch bypasses/enables the cued effect or loads a preset. The H9 offers stereo I/O and full MIDI compatibility, with a jack for an optional external expression pedal.

This unit is in fantastic shape, with just a few microscopic marks on the robust housing and clean graphics. The bright six-character LED screen is equally pristine. The original box is included, along with the user manual, carrying bag, and documentation.