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Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer Ring Modulator EH-5000 Guitar Effects Pedal w/ Box, Power Supply


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Up for sale, an Electro Harmonix Frequency Analyzer Ring Modulator EH-5000 pedal in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box/packaging, power adapter, and paperwork. Among the more esoteric and unique effects pedals ever produced by EHX, this discontinued ring modulator is unique among its peers due to its controllable high order filters that reduce cross distortions and enhance variation.

The course and fine control let the user set a single frequency that is both added and subtracted from the original input signal (note or chord) via a fixed, adjustable (inaudible) reference note, and the Blend knob controls the wet/dry ratio. When dialed all the way up, things get freaked-out and chaotic, or roll the Blend knob back for a more subtle, uncanny effect. Additionally, the Filter On switch toggles between bass and treble controls: when in the bass position, the top note is filtered out for a full, growling sound as opposed to the focused, buzzing bite in the treble position. The EH-5000 is true bypass for optimal effects loop/signal chain functionality.

The large polished aluminum enclosure evokes vintage EHX examples, and this pedal is in great shape, with just a couple faint marks. The graphics are pristine.

The original box is included, along with all of the packaging, the power adapter, and paperwork.