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Electro Harmonix Flanger Hoax Flanging Phaser Modulator w/ Box, Adapter


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Up for sale, an Electro-Harmonix Flanger Hoax Flanging Phaser Modulator pedal in near-mint condition and in perfect working order, complete with the original box, operating instructions, and power supply. This unique big box modulation pedal features two separate phase sections, with a vast array of performance/parameter controls and a huge amount of available sounds and frequency collisions, ranging from lush, subtle shimmers to rich phasing to full-on sonic chaos.

Both of the two phase sections have independent analog delay lines, independently swept by the Modulator control, and the phaser sections can be bypassed to access the delay lines without any phase shift. The Swept Phaser functions like a more traditional phaser, also modulated by the Modulator control (low frequency sine wave), and the Fixed Phaser will shift the phase of the input signal by a set amount of 240 degrees. Additionally, the Feedback control enables the user to send the wet output of the pedal or the Swept Phaser output back into the phaser circuits for further sonic madness. Further features include true bypass switching; 5 delay modes including DC; 5 modulation modes from 270 degrees to DC; Invert/Bypass controls; a Blend control; direct, blended, and effect outputs.

The brushed aluminum enclosure evokes classic vintage EHX pedals, with retro-flavored purple/blue graphics. This pedal is in fantastic shape, with just a scant few marks on the enclosure.

The original box is included, along with all paperwork and the 18DC-500 power supply.