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Electro Harmonix Doctor Q Envelope Follower Filter Guitar Effects Pedal


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Up for sale, an Electro Harmonix Doctor Q Envelope Follower vintage reissue in exceptional condition and in perfect working order. This modern re-release of the classic ‘70s funk box is an exacting recreation of that iconic auto-wah, responding to input dynamics with adjustable sweep and delivering a squishy, compressed tone with a hint of snarl that is ‘70s through and through.

The solitary Range knob controls the frequency range in which the filter sweeps, with a good deal of variation for any playing style or guitar output level. The two-way Bass switch lets through additional bass frequencies when engaged, filling out the sound and also enabling the Doctor Q to work well with a bass guitar for Larry Graham-style sounds. Additionally, there is an internal trim pot which adjusts the voltage sent to the filter and, in turn, affects the overall volume cut.

This pedal is in excellent condition, with just a few minor marks and scratches on the vintage-style folded aluminum housing.