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Custom 2x12 Tube Guitar Amp in Cordovox Vintage Cab w/ Jensen Speakers, 6V6


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Up for sale, a custom tube amp housed inside a 1960s Cordovox CG 2x12 enclosure loaded with Jensen C12R speakers. This unique, one-off amp is in perfect working order, 6V6-powered and loosely based on a Fender Black Panel platform.

An ideal combination of warmth and articulation, this circuit has a singing treble response with plenty of headroom. Cranking this amp up yields a buttery smooth, naturally compressed tone with creamy breakup. There are a huge array of tones accessible, thanks to the bevy of controls (accessed inside the enclosure) including stacked Master Volume and Boost knobs; stacked Drive and Reverb knobs; Bass, Middle and Treble EQ controls; Preamp Boost on/off switch and knob; C/F switch, Negative Feedback switch; Transfer switch; three-position Bright and Color switches; RCR, Picc, and Dwell knobs. At the heart of the circuit, a modern Classic Tone USA-made output transformer and choke are paired with a vintage power transformer.

The tube complement includes a matched pair of vintage Conn-branded 6V6 power tubes, a vintage Fender 5U4GB rectifier, and a preamp comprising a couple vintage Weber-branded 12AX7s and a few JJs. The speakers are a matched pair of 1969 Jensen C12R ceramic magnet drivers, and these speakers have a clear, dynamic quality with a distinct smoothness to the highs. The speakers are in great shape, retaining all of the original factory stamps, with minimal wear on their black powder-coated frames.

The 1960s Cordovox enclosure is complete right down to the Cordovox bading and handle, and there's sparingly little wear on the enclosure beyond a handful of minor marks and a scant few tiny scuffs and tears along the bottom edges.