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Chase Bliss Audio Blooper Bottomless Looper


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Up for sale, a Chase Bliss Blooper Bottomless Looper pedal in near-mint condition and in perfect working order. Designed to merge high-fidelity looping with extensive creative modulation, the Blooper packs a remarkable number of features and diverse functionality into one compact package. It’s part analog loop pedal, part sampler: loops can be recorded and then later modulated/edited to produce sounds and effects wholly unique to the Blooper. While most loopers are designed for precise and clean overdubbing, the Blooper actually encourages experimentation and exploration in an interesting, sometimes unpredictable way.

There are 2 modifier channels, each with 3 different modes, and the Blooper is able to save up to 16 loops with 8 layers each. It has MIDI and CV/Expression functionality, making for easy integration into modern systems. Additionally, there are 16 DIP switches at the top of the enclosure which enable customization of the Expression/Ramp parameters. The heart of the Blooper is Additive Mode, wherein modifiers can be recorded directly on top of the loop like an overdub.

Modifiers include (among others):

-Dropper: injects random moments of silence into each loop
-Stepped Speed: speeds or slows the loop in musical steps of fifths or octaves
-Scrambler: breaks up and jumbles the loop timeline, creating patterns or random departures
-Stutter: grabs and repeats one beat for a record skip-like effect

Further modifiers affect subdivision, speed, pitch, and EQ parameters.