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Caroline Parabola Solid State Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal, TR-68


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Up for sale, a Caroline Parabola Solid State Tremolo. Parabola is the sonic equivalent of riding your space mammoth through giant puddles in the astral plane while feeding it caffeinated energy drinks.

Think of this as your rig’s new “tremolo channel”. Caroline has adapted the deliciously sloshy, transistor-based LFO and distinctive waveform from our favorite “West German” device (*cough, cough* Schaller TR-68) modified its speed and depth to match and go beyond those from your favorite classic amps, and then added pre and post effect gain stages for both overdrive and volume boost. Then they offer the classic, dramatic amplitude modulation (AM) you might expect, or a filtered modulation (FM) that is subtle, beautiful, and less invasive on your playing.