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Boot-Leg Hizumi HZM-1.0 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal Near Mint, Japan


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Up for sale, a Boot-Leg Hizumi HZM-1.0 overdrive effects pedal in near mint condition and in perfect working order. Mand made in Tokyo exclusively for the Japanese market, this Boot-Leg is rarely seen outside its country of origin. A versatile overdrive, the controls are quite interactive, providing a vast range of nuanced saturation and cut. The pedal can act as a clean boost, but quickly reveals it’s unruly nature with the Hizumi control, going from subtle squish and splat to full fledged wall of sound saturation with near endless sustain. The Range knob is a Tone sweep that goes from rolled off and burly to focused and cutting. Cosmetically this pedal is near mint. The factory clear protective plastic is still intact on the top, and the original knob set and serial sticker are present.