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Analogman Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal w/ Stereo Output


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Up for sale, an Analogman Chorus in exceptional condition and in perfect working order, featuring stereo output. As the name would suggest, this pedal features 100% analog construction, using NOS high voltage MN3007 Panasonic bucket brigade chips for lush tone. Featuring true-bypass switching, Analogman uses the best quality USA-made circuit boards, double-sided to isolate the signal from any noise, and professionally soldered for perfect, reliable circuitry.

This pedal offers a high fidelity, organic sound, with the same chips as used in the EH Small Clone and Boss CE-2. The simple, user-friendly controls include Speed and Depth knobs. Slower speeds are useful for doubling effects, whilst higher settings create some fantastic Leslie sounds as well as more extreme ring modulation effects. The Depth control allows you to create anything from mellow 'just there' textures to magic watery sounds. It's easy to dial in everything from classic swooshy Nirvana to vibe-heavy Hendrix, with further flexibility added by the stereo outputs which enable dual-amp setups.

This unit is in fantastic shape, with barely a mark on the housing, original knobs, and clean graphics.